Monday, June 5, 2017

Daily Thoughts 06/05/2017

Reading woman on a couch, by Isaac Israels.jpg
Reading Woman on a Couch, Isaac Israels, 1880-1934

Daily Thoughts 06/05/2017

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I finished reading Seasteading How Floating Nations Will Restore the Environment, Enrich the Poor, Cure the Sick, and Liberate Humanity from Politicians by Joe Quirk and Patri Friedman. This was a rather interesting book mixing utopian ideals with modern science.  It was very syncretic and drew from aquaculture, biofuels, island economies, seaweed farming, cruise ships, and other sources to create an argument for building floating platforms on the sea.  The mix of the real with the utopian made it very entertaining reading.

I also read some more of Blue Ocean Shift.  I am reading about the process of creating new markets.  One of the arguments being made is that it is possible to enter new markets that are not disruptive.  For example, when the television show Sesame Street came out there was nothing similar to it.

I joined the Facebook group, League of Librarian Gamers.

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