Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Daily Thoughts

Daily Thoughts

I finished doing my social science ordering for the week. A whole lot of books are lined up on carts downstairs. I like seeing the carts filled with books. It is nice to go through them and see what has just come in. Part of four of the orders have come in, graphic novels, manga, computer books, and job information center books. I think, I may take out a few graphic novels tomorrow.

Right now, I am looking at Alberto Manguel, The Library At Night. It is a meditation on the meaning of libraries throughout history. There are numerous black and white photographs throughout the book.

Earlier this morning, I created a new display for the month. I picked out a selection of black speculative fiction authors books. For science fiction, I picked out Samuel R. Delany, Walter Mosley, Octavia Butler, Tobias Buckell and Steven Barnes. For horror, I picked out Tannarive Due. For fantasy, I picked out Charles Saunders and Nalo Hopkinson. There are not a whole lot of self identified black speculative fiction writers.

Another book came in for me today, Implied Spaces by Walter Jon Williams.


Tobias Buckell said...

Thanks so much for highlighting my work!

May I also suggest David Anthony Durham for Fantasy, his book Acacia is full of awesome.


Nalo said...

Ditto Toby's thanks, and add Nnedimma Okorafor-Mbachu, Andrea Hairston, L.A. Banks and Brandon Massey to the list.

Book Calendar said...

I was wondering if Maryse Conde's Who Slashed Celinare's Throat would also fit. It has some rather interesting fantastic elements.

Tobias Buckell said...

I haven't read Conde's book yet, so I'm not sure :-(