Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Implied Spaces-- Walter Jon Williams-- Thoughts

Implied Spaces-- Walter Jon Williams-- Thoughts

Implied Spaces by Walter Jon Williams is a science fiction novel set in a world of super science. People can design pocket universes to their specifications. For example the main character travels through a realm with low technology very much like the arabian nights as well as a place which is a water world very much like a beautified South Pacific.

People have reached the heights of technology. They even have super intelligent AI's however, these AIs are chained by Asimovean protocols to serve humans.

The main character Aristide is a wandering adventurer who has lived for close to a thousand years. He travels with his cat bitsy an avatar of one of the supercomputers. While he is wandering in one of the implied spaces, a pocket universe, he runs into a dire plot to change the future.

He must uncover which AI plans to go rogue. People are being stolen and having their brains reprogrammed to be loyal to a possible rebel. Thus we start the novel with a mystery where Aristide must track down the rebel before it is too late. There are fights, intrigue, and super science.

Thus the adventure leads to a confrontation. We face zombie plagues, pod people, and an all out battle for control of the human future with mass drivers, anti-proton cannons, anti-matter missiles, and all out war.

The people in the story remain human with human drives and desires despite having super science. There is still fear, sex, love, excitement, and revenge written into the story. Aristide has his lover Daljit, who he sees occassionally.

The story is quite intriguing. I won't reveal all of it. There is one part, I especially like where the enemy AI has taken over Aristide's and Daljit's brain for a while.

If you want an intriguing adventure story mixed with super science, this is an entertaining book to read.

Walter Jon Williams is a five time hugo nominee. His writing is very entertaining. The book is published by Nightshade Books http://www.nightshadebooks.com . I had reviewed Paolo Bacigalupi's book earlier, Pump Six and Other Stories also by Nighthshade Books. They are producing some very interesting work at this new press. It is high quality writing and does not necessarily follow the traditional fantasy or science fiction tropes. They are willing to take chances with what is being written.


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