Saturday, July 5, 2008



I have the week off. Mostly, I am going to practice relaxing this week. I'll look for some entertaining things to do with books, but nothing too work related. This weekend is not going to be too deep. I am reading some more of The Library At Night and plan on reading some more of Goblin Quest. Reading for pleasure should not have a schedule. It should be leisurely and you should be able to go back and forth with what you are reading. Comprehension is not even the goal, the goal is enjoyment.

Some people don't realize it, but you have to practice at being relaxed. It takes a certain amount of concentration to do very little. As an American I am constantly bombarded with the idea of do better, more, faster, smarter. There is a little bell in my head which says produce, produce, produce all of the time. This is really not that good for you. I have to stop myself to make sure I am doing things correctly.

I have no itinerary this week. Maybe, I will go into the city to visit the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, as well as walk around in a couple of comic book shops, and visit the Strand Bookstore for a short while. I certainly am not going to any conferences this week which is a relief.


Unknown said...

Yes, it is so hard to relax, isn't it? I'm always thinking I need to be using my time more effectively. Now that I'm on summer break, I feel as if I should still be doing school-related things, you know, getting a head start before school starts up in September. I try to watch a movie with my son, and find I have to be multi-tasking. The only way to truly relax has been finding a quiet place in the house and reading my book. When someone finds me, back to reality...

Book Calendar said...

It is rather odd, but you have to practice at it sometimes. Too much stress is bad for your health.