Friday, July 4, 2008

Thoughts for the Day

"We Don't Call Them Monsters"

Thoughts For the Day

I am taking a break from reading today. I need to clear my head a bit. No newspapers. I am, however, watching a few films. I watched Read or Die in the morning.

I have something equally silly to watch. It Came From Beneath the Sea. The box says Ray Harryhausen presents. I really like Ray Harryhausen, he made King Kong and numerous other classics possible. This is a colorized version of the film released in 2008. Ray Harryhausen is supposed to do commentary on the film. A giant radioactive octopuss attacks San Francisco.

It was enjoyable watching It Came From Beneath The Sea. It was very much a B Movie, but still compared to a lot of modern monster movies, it was excellent. The plot flowed from one scene to the next in a very logical manner. Much more logical than todays films. However, the acting was not the best. I really watched the film because I wanted to see how Ray Harryhausen did the stop motion for the giant octopuss.

There was a second disk included with the film dvd. It had an opening interview with Ray Harryhousen, a photograph gallery of lobby cards and movie stills, and an interview between Tim Burton and Ray Harryhausen. The interview between Tim Burton and Harryhausen was very fascinating. Ray Harryhausen said he preferred that his films were colorized because at the time they simply did not have the budget to shoot the films in color.

Ray Harryhausen is considered to be one of the fathers of Stop Motion Animation. He has an official website here:

Happy Fourth of July.

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