Thursday, January 10, 2008

At A Loss For Words. (Randomness)

Right now, I am at a loss for words. I am not sure what to write about. I have gone through my comments sections and responded to people. I have gone to look at the three places where I go to generate extra traffic, entrecard, blogcatalog, and fuelmyblog.

I am still reading my book on the subway and probably won't finish it until the day after tomorrow. It is a fairly substantial book.

"The Uneasy Supplicant" who posted earlier told me that it would be quite difficult to write something new every day. He is correct in this. There are numerous subjects which I could pick out of a hat and just start writing, but I would rather be focused.

There are minor ideas floating around my head. Things like the idea of combining the GreenFuel Technologies method for scrubbing carbon dioxide from a smokestack and a cofiring coal and biomass plant. The idea would be to add biomass pellets to coal production then scrub the carbon emissions with algae. Greenfuel Technologies is supposed to reduce carbon emissions from smokestacks by 45%. Coal biomass cofiring reduces emissions from coal power plants by 25%. Combining the technologies could create a coal powerplant with more than a 50% reduction in emissions. At least that is what I think might happen, I am not an engineer.

I read about how they are going to stick the carbon dioxide from coal plants in the ground through sequestration. It sounds kind of weird and unworkable to me. This seems like a better cheaper option in many ways. I know it has nothing to do with books. It is one of those things that I'm pondering.

I'm doing a display at work today for graphic novels. I've made several color photocopies of graphic novel covers and a banner that says "Graphic Novels in the Library." I've picked out a number of graphic novels to put in the display case. I'll put the smaller graphic novels towards the front with the larger books in the back to give a staggered look. I've also chosen several movies to add to the display based on graphic novels. Things like Ghost World, Fantastic Four, Sin City, American Splendor, and a few others. I'm going to lay the videos flat in front of the smaller books.

There are display shelves which can be added to put shelving at eye level. I am going to put a few medium size graphic novels on them. Nothing too heavy that might fall over.

Mixed media displays are always more interesting than just books. People will be able to take out the material in the display. I'll be replenishing it when I am available.

Someone suggested I read Rumi, the Sufi poet, it would help me understand the world better. I might read some of his poems.


Nezha said...

Hey BookCalendar,
lol, writer's's actually very common:)Good luck!!

Cowgirl Betty said...

Some buses in Colorado are run on biodiesel. Go figure. As far as the randomness is concerned, well I'm a random rambler myself.

Pam Hoffman said...

A post like this is really great, I like hearing about you and your life, mixed in with the regular posts.

You might consider this as well...

I'm a big fan of books!

I find a couple of passages in every book that just tickle my funny bone for some reason.

Or perhaps something just helps me along, makes me think, you know the sort of thing, I'm sure.

I started a book blog of my own (it is very young yet) and I've been adding posts that are parts of those books that stand out for some reason.

I generally just add the quote and the reference and post that.

I think it lends some insight into me and I'd like to think that others might learn/laugh as well.

Then too, I have a log book of the books I finish. I've been doing it for years.

Sometimes 'other' things creep in there.

For example, I think up something insightful, like this:

Nothing's Certain Until It Is
written into my log book 6/5/06

Then, too, I sometimes put things in there that are funny. Here is a reference...

I've used many strange things for a bookmark before but I've never used a cat!

Which my boyfriend did!!

Ideas pop into my head after reading some interesting books, like "Universal Foam" which made me think a LOT!

And the log book has the notes to prove it!

So, consider sharing such flotsam. I'd enjoy it, FOR SURE!


Pam Hoffman

Anonymous said... THAT would be very interesting. I'd love to hear your take on his writings :-)'re doing fine.

Anonymous said...

*oops brain dead. I meant Rumi :-)