Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Series Books And Series Comics

I have been really enjoying the DC Vertigo Fables Comics series lately. I have five more of them which I have waiting for me to check out. I finished Storybook Love last night another book in the Fables series, this time it stars the Big Bad Wolf, or Bigby Wolf as he is called in modern Manhattan and Snow White, or Ms. White. The series keeps on pulling surprises out of its magical hat. The characters are truly tremendous, Bluebeard, John Barleycorn, and all of the characters from fairyland and old legends.

I was looking at Locus Magazine this morning and I came across an interesting article. It is about how they don't mark most adult series books with numbers, but they do mark most childrens series books with numbers. I found it quite informative and entertaining. Hopefully people will read it.

I just received a whole slew of books from the library and I am sorting out what I will read and review next.

One of the patrons from our library showed me her new book, Lover's Quarrel. She didn't like the cover. Apparently, her publisher changed the cover from a picture of two black unicorns on a red background to a giant sword on top of a heart. The changed cover is very garrish, but it is also stands out like a spotlight and draws a lot of attention.

The cover she showed me was much more subdued and pretty. My opinion was that she would sell a lot more books with a garrish cover. Apparently her book is selling very well. She told me that her friend had it on the subway and people commented on the cover because it was so visible. Her book is already almost ready for a second run. She is selling the book on Amazon. I haven't read it yet, so I am not sure if it is good or not, but the cover certainly is interesting to look at. It is a science fiction romance. She is in negotiations to change the cover on the second print run.


I was invited to the New York City Publishers Reception for the Information Industry Summit on January 29, 2008. It is one of those free events where you get to talk to different publishers about a variety of things. This came as a total surprise for me. It must have come from one of the various conferences I have attended. I'll probably end up running into a few people which I recognize from my wanderings in the book world.

One of the books which came in today from my reserves was Once Upon A Town: The Miracle of North Platte Canteen by Bob Greene. One of my commenters suggest I read and review it. I am enjoying reading it, it is a very patriotic book with a lot of nostalgia and pride in it.

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