Friday, December 5, 2008

Daily Thoughts

Daily Thoughts

I am still reading Prince of Stories. The section I have read today is on children's books. I have not read many of the children's books. I just placed Coraline on hold and The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish. Coraline is being produced as a movie. This is a link to the movie trailer. P. Craig Russell is going to illustrate the graphic novel version of Coraline. I think it should be very interesting.

There is a book only available in the United Kingdom. I could buy it from Amazon UK but it seems a bit difficult. The postage would be quite expensive. It is called Odd and the Frost Giants. It was written for World Book Day, April 23, 2008. I feel like a bit of an obsessive fan as I am writing this. I really enjoy Neil Gaiman's writing.

I have started the section on short stories. If you must read a short story by Neil Gaiman, read A Study In Emerald, Sherlock Holmes meets The Great Old Ones. Lots and lots of short stories are described in this section. Too many to even write a list of. Read the book to see the summaries. They are quite nicely done.

Ah, I think I am at the poems and songs section. I am not sure what to think of this section other than the next one is The Scripts... I was rather surprised by this one. Hayao Miyazaki had Neil Gaiman write the english dialogue for Princess Mononoke, one of my favorite anime movies.
This is a brief interview on the experience.

I think I am on a good stopping point on reading Prince of Stories The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman. Page 426 seems to be as excellent a place for stopping as any other. It is rather amazing to see the incredible variety of talent which surrounds Neil Gaiman; Dave McKean, P. Craig Russell, Hayao Miyazaki, Ellen Datlow, and others.

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