Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Afternoon, Comfortable

Johnny Gruelle Rapunzel-- Just a little touch of bedtime stories.

Good Afternoon

This morning, I read more of Prince of Stories The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman. Every time I pick this book up, I learn a little more. P. Craig Russell who is one of my favorite comic book artists drew a number of the Sandman comics. I really like Russell's opera comic adaptations, Parsifal, The Magic Flute, and Bluebeard. http://www.pcraigrussell.net/

I also found out that Jonathan Carroll who wrote Outside The Dog Museum and Sleeping In Flame is a major influence on Neil Gaiman's writing. Jonathan Carroll is one of my favorite authors. His web site is absolutely fantastic. http://www.jonathancarroll.com/index.php

This morning, I did some weeding of the finance section, spent some more time clearing out my desk, and made some minor adjustments to the displays. It was not a bad morning.


Sometimes I wish I could
Live like everyone else

Big car, big house, dreams
Perfect wife, perfect child, perfect

I wish the American Dream
Cloudy, sweet, false, pretentious

Working husband, working wife, working
Two incomes prosperous happy

But likes so many people
Cracks break up the dream

I am not a comfortable
American dreamer in Neverland

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