Monday, December 15, 2008

Daily Thoughts

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes, by Mortimer Menpes. I wish I had a handlebar mustache like that.

Daily Thoughts


There are monsters over here

They live in the cracks in the walls

And under the easy chair

Today started well. I had some red zinger tea with lemon instead of coffee this morning. This morning, I did some more weeding of books, put the display on the main floor in order, and cracked open the new address book I bought for work. Things are becoming a little bit more organized.

We had a demonstration session at noon for a newspaper database, Newsbank which has our local newspaper on it, The Journal News. It was much better than the last time they came to the library; the last time the search engine attached to the Newsbank database did not work very well. This time it did. We did the session remotely in the computer lab, with the salesman talking over the speaker phone and demonstrating the product on the computer screen.

There are a few more films about authors which I might want to see, Naked Lunch about William S. Burroughs, Sylvia about Sylvia Plath, and The Hours about Virginia Woolf.

I ordered another yoga book to see if I can improve the short yoga routine I have been doing every night. It helps me sleep and reduces stress. I think I am losing a little bit more weight.
Today is both a quiet day and a quiet night.

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