Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good Morning

Charles Lutwidge Dogson (“Lewis Carroll”). Alice In Wonderland, I think may have been the best fantasy book ever written.

Good Morning.

This morning was rather pleasant. Right now, I am reading Time Management Increase Your Personal Productivity and Effective Harvard Business Essentials Your Mentor And Guide To Doing Business Effectively. I read it on the train in to work. The author is Harvard Business School, a corporate author. I even finished it on the way back home. The book is kind of boring. It would not make for a very interesting book review. However, it is quite practical so I will say a few things about it.

The book reminds me you should keep work life balance and when you are at home not do things from work. I don't follow this a whole lot. I read which is completely work related, but I like it anyway. It also suggests I keep to do lists. I actually don't like writing things down. This goes counter to my philosophy in some ways, I like to think I know a little bit about the Method of Eidos and the Roman rhetoric of memory. Memory techniques are often location specific, not paper specific. Although building a memory castle out of paper would be interesting.

I also find these lists cluttersome, hey a new word. The one thing I liked about this book was its instructions on how to delegate to people, unfortunately, I only have one person who reports to me, and she does whatever I ask of her with little question.

Another thing which will be most helpful with is unmentionable here. So, it will help me a lot, but I really can't tell you about it. It is something I have been putting off for quite a bite of time (oops I mean bit). There, there is my opinion of this book on time management.

To be fair there are some excellent tips on removing clutter and how to deal effectively with personal time. I might even use a few of them.

I did a number of minor things when I came in to work. I changed the display from globalism to crime, law, and policing. I am showing books where these things come together; broken windows, death penalty cases, neighborhood policing, and similar material.

I've also been reordering a whole bunch of titles that I pulled out from when I was weeding different books from social science, graphic novels, and business. There were a number of books that were falling apart, but had very high circulation. I guess people really like Dick Tracy here.

There was a staff meeting today. It included a very heavy lunch. I like the fruit punch, they mix punch with gingerale and add ice. It has a very nice flavor to it. They also had eggplant and mozzarella cheese sandwiches, cake, and coffee. It has made me a tiny bit sleepy.

I spent a little bit of time calling Baker & Taylor about their catalogs for mass market paperbacks.

Finally, I do the task which is moving along about halfway through, weeding the regular size social science books. I am about halfway through. There it is a day for you to read about.


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