Sunday, December 7, 2008

Miscellaneous Thougts (A Bit Scattered).

Artist in His Studio1630-32 Oil on Panel Colnaghi, London.

Daily Thoughts

Sometimes you think of things that are not quite in your domain of expertise. I noticed that the supermarket is now renting DVDs with a company called DVD Xpress. It mostly sells very trashy movies, but sometimes these are a way to find what people want to watch. I picked up a brochure to bring to work. They have been asking us to find more popular material.

There is also a listing of bestselling dvds and rentals on Video Business. . Sometimes you just notice these things as part of surfing the web.

I watched part of The Ultimate Avengers, The Movie an animated movie based on the Marvel comic book, The Ultimates. It was quite fun. I especially liked them finding Captain America frozen in ice. It is fairly simple and straightforward with many of the classic heros, Thor, Ironman, Captain America, The Black Widow. I liked that Nick Fury, Agent of Shield is black in this story. It adds a nice touch.

There is a short piece about the history of the Avengers as an extra. Kurt Busiek is one of the people interviewed. In addition, there is a second film, The Ultimate Avengers: Rise of the Panther which looks quite interesting. You watch the film and think, this is more about the interactions of the heros with each other than the villains. The villains seem to be the generic evil enemy of the month.

This morning I went to see my doctor again. I lost another three pounds. I wasn't expecting it. I still am doing the Yoga RX exercises, but I didn't do too well with my diet during Thanksgiving. The pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie got me. I have to watch myself for the holidays. No sweets.

I am honestly feeling a bit distracted. Billy The Blogging Poet just quit doing blogging. He is going to do a new green enterprise, a recycling franchise. It looks kind of interesting. I wonder if he is going to focus at all on recycling books and cardboard. He was part of the Metaxu Literary Cafe. I think I lost a decent part of my readership when Metaxu Cafe closed.

I found something interesting while wandering the internet. It is called mibook. At first it looks like an ebook reader, but when I got to the site, I found something very different than a standard ebook reader. This is a specialty focus ebook type device. The sample focuses on cooking, gardening, and home renovation. In effect it is a how to book device focusing on a specific niche.

I feel like today is a day where I am picking up bits and pieces from all over the internet. Sometimes I do that when I am blogging.

I did not read a book at the laundromat today. I did not read anything. I watched a film and watched some television at the laundromat. Maybe, I needed a break from reading books.

All commercial content except for the books and dvds which I post from Amazon and the search box has been removed. I also removed some links from my link exchange. I did this to make this blog more focused as well as indicate it is not a particularly commercial blog. Project Wonderful is no more, so are a few other things. Some of the services I used were not providing adequate results for the amount of time I put into them.

I did not even realize that I didn't have some widgets which I used regularly. I just put in my Fuel My Blog Widget. I generally prefer widgets that are somewhat interactive. Twitter is interactive (it is a microblogging platform), Fuelmyblog is interactive (it has a forum and thumbnail directory), Blogcatalog is a community (it has a forum, directory, thumbshot guide, and many other features. These three are what I am focusing on. More than three is too much.

I am not that fond of Technorati, Stumbleupon, and Entrecard. These are focused on building traffic, not interacting with people. It is like being in a horse race with other people to get the most people to visit. They often take a lot of time, with not much depth.

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