Monday, October 30, 2017

Daily Thoughts 10/30/2017

Writing Board of An Apprentice Scribe, Circa 2030 B.C.

Daily Thoughts 10/30/2017

I  checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library this morning.

On the way to work, I read some more of Soonish.  I am reading about synthetic biological or manipulating DNA to create new medicines, fuels, and products.  It is both scary and promising.

We got a few more board games in today.  I gave some of them to the children's room including Ghosts Love Candy.  This week is International Games Week.

I looked at some chairs today for the computer lab.

I spent a little more time working on ordering today.

I worked a little bit on a description of the mezzanine today.  We have two floors of closed stacks which represent about half of our collection.

I spent most of the afternoon in the computer lab.  One of my colleagues was out.  I worked on finishing up some of the paperwork for the CPLA.

There is a Fundamentals of Computers Class and a Beginning Microsoft Word 2013 class in the computer lab tonight.

I finished writing some paperwork today.  It was a bit challenging.

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