Thursday, February 8, 2018

Daily Thoughts 02/08/2018

DeCamp Joseph June Sunlight 1902.jpg
Joseph De Camp, June Sunlight, 1902

Daily Thoughts 02/08/2018

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I finished reading Data Strategy how To Profit from a World of Big Data, Analytics and the Internet of Things by Bernard Marr.  The last part of the book covers how in demand data science is.  There are not enough people working in data science.  The author writes about Kaggle which is a way of crowdsourcing data.  Bernard Marr also discusses security and privacy for data.  He wraps up with a final statement about how information is changing our future.

I checked the displays and the gift books this morning.

We also looked at how to make a teen area for computers.  I discussed the Community Development Block Grant for Mount Vernon with some colleagues this morning.

I also spent some time reading the New York Times Book Review.

I put in two orders for new books.  I worked on next weeks order for new books.

I placed copies of the book, An American Family A Memoir of Hope and Sacrifice by Kizr Khan on hold for next months book club.

I checked some of the older fiction titles which had not ciruclated for a while.

I also spent a little time on my class for advocacy.

I spent a little more time discussing the Lets Build Robots program with a colleague.

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Ossining Public Library Will Kicks Off Its 125th Anniversary This Month.

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