Friday, October 19, 2018

Daily Thoughts 10/19/2018

File:William Thomas Beckford (1 October 1760 – 2 May 1844).jpg
William Thomas Beckford (1 October 1760 – 2 May 1844), usually known as William Beckford, was an English novelist, art critic, travel writer and politician. He was Member of Parliament for Wells from 1784 to 1790, for Hindon from 1790 to 1795 and again from 1806 to 1820. William Thomas Beckford is the author of the Gothic novel Vathek and brainchild of the remarkable Fonthill Abbey.

Daily Thoughts 10/19/2018

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook.

I read some more of The Labyrinth of the Spirits last night.  I am finding to be a captivating, enjoyable book.  The Cemetery of Forgotten Books in the story is very well done.  Some people describe the book as a modern gothic novel.

I checked the displays and the gift books.

I worked on orders for new books.  I read the latest New York Times Bestseller List and Publishers Weekly Bestseller list.   I also read the Ingram Advance and the Ingram Advance for Biography and History as well as the Ingram Holiday catalog.

We had a staff meeting where we discussed weeding, shelf reading, and inventory.

I spent a little more time discussing the signage.

I also talked with a colleague about our literacy program.

My desk is starting to pile up.

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