Sunday, March 22, 2015

Daily Thoughts 03/22/2015

Georges Crogaert, The Reading Woman, 1888

Daily Thoughts 03/22/2015

I checked the Twitter and Facebook this morning.  I also looked at some new books.

I started reading The Mechanical by Ian Tregellis.  The story is set in an alchemical clockwork empire presided over by the Dutch.  Their adversaries are French master chemists. It does not feel like Victorian steampunk, it has a more baroque feel to it.

I watched a recording of the Webcast for Beyond Book Displays.
There was some interesting material on endcap displays and posters.

I took the course, Building A Positive Social Media Presence on Webjunction. 
It is a solid overview for a beginner. It did not have anything new for me.

Web Bits

Book Lovers Rally In Front of City Hall for More Library Funding

Westchester Library System Presents Breakfast With Frank Bruni

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