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Daily Thoughts 03/11/2018

The North-West Passage, by John Everett Millais.jpg
The North-West Passage, John Everett Millais, 1873, Oil on Canvas.

Daily Thoughts 03/11/2018

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

Yesterday, I watched some films from Video Library Network on Kanopy; Leading The Change Breaking New Ground which is about innovation in libraries and Do Libraries Have A Future? which is about changed perception of what libraries are.  There is a move away from collections and books to community oriented activities and partnerships.

I also watched the PBS show, Cool Spaces, The Design of the James B. Hunt Library, South Mountain Community Library, and Seattle Central Library.  This show was about the building of modern iconic libraries.  The point of view was mainly from architecture.  One of the things I learned is that in the Seattle Public Library, it was designed for social interactions, then books and information.  Large portions of libraries are not about books and information;  they are about meeting spaces, computer labs, community spaces, auditoriums, and administrative space.  About 1/3 of Seattle Public Library is about books and information.  It is about having a shared space for the community to interact with knowledge and culture.

Also, the South Mountain Community Library which combines a public library and a community college library views the library as a space to share ideas and bring people together around information.

The James B. Hunt Library which is a college library was even more interesting.  Most of their books are stored in bins which are retrievable by a bookbot.  The library also lends a variety of electronic devices; tablets, laptop, circuit boards, and other things.  They have massive computer labs with wall screens, quiet reading rooms, and color coded spaces.

This gave a different perspective on the overall purpose of libraries.

I spent a little time compiling some shelf lists from Blue Cloud Analytics.  I also changed my report for the board on March 20, 2018 into a Powerpoint document instead of a Microsoft Word document.

I also have been thinking a little bit about Lexis.

I read some more of Words That Work by Dr. Frank Luntz.  There is a suggestion that people should read the essay, "Politics and the English Language" by George Orwell.  I placed a hold on the book, Shooting An Elephant and Other Essays which contains the Orwell essay.  I have always liked Orwell's writing.

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