Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Daily Thoughts 11/06/2018

File:William Hogarth - Soliciting Votes - WGA11457.jpg
William Hogarth, Soliciting Votes, 1754

Daily Thoughts 11/06/2018

I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.

I slept for ten hours last night.  I have been covering some extra shifts on the public service desks lately.

I took a break from serious reading and read The Storm by David Drake.  The book is very pure science fantasy, not something you see a lot of these days.  It reminds me of Jack Vance.  There are  a lot of Arthurian touches to the story.  I rather like the main character Pal of Beune.  There are nights with energy shields and energy swords, strange creatures in a world which has been changed beyond recognition, and bits of castles and ale.  Pal of the Beune is a champion for humanity where there are not many people left.  He solves knightly problems using both his sword and his sharp intellect.  This is a light read with plenty of entertainment value.  I read an advanced reading copy.  The book is due out in January of 2019.

Today was a federal holiday. I went and voted today.

I also spent some time working on two bookmarks.  One on new business books and one on new computer books.

Web Bits

Harvard Converts Millions of Legal Documents Into Open Data

Keepers of the Secrets

Want to See the First Full Drawings of Captain American and Mickey Mouse?  Go to the Library of Congress.

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