Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Apollo Alliance and Obama

I was listening to the debate on 1010 WINS on the radio tonight. Obama gave a set of figures on spending for alternative energy that almost exactly match the spending figures for the Apollo Alliance project a liberal green energy group. I found it rather fascinating. Obama's energy plan figures $500 billion over 10 years creating 5 million jobs are the exact figures as their executive summary.


This shows that the Apollo Alliance is picking up steam and gaining more public support.

I realize now that I made a mistake. I so much wanted to hear the figures the way the Apollo Alliance had them that I misheard. It was $150 billion over 10 years or $15 billion a year for an Apollo like program. So, it sounds like a watered down version of the Apollo Alliance. Not real change. It would generate less jobs than the Apollo Alliance program.


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