Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Todays Thoughts

Danger you are entering a zone where everything can change instantly.

Todays Thoughts

I slept in on the train today. It was a long sleepy journey. Mostly, I sat and meditated. I read a little bit of Writing Begins With the Breath and did a short exercise on embodying my voice. I imagined my writing was like a chest burster from the movie Alien trying to escape from my body, screaming bloodily as it escaped. It was spitting blood, acid, and gore everywhere in its path. The train turned a murky bubbling red. But, it was only an image to contemplate. A dark one at that.

When I got to work, I drank a large cup of hot red zinger tea with honey. I'm still under the weather. Then I got down to doing a variety of minor things. First, I ordered a variety of annual reports. I am 2/3 done with my annual report orders. I ordered another book related company today, R H Donnelly. I also did a little more law looseleafs. I only have a little more to do. I also replaced some of the books which had been taken out from the display.

I spent about two hours ordering occult books, Sylvia Browne, Edward Waite, astrology books, tea leaves, i ching, tarot, candles, birthstones, nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and all the popular things which many people want. (There is a certain deep seated wide eyed silliness to looking for this kind of material ).

I also did a few orders for dream books, visualization books, and meditation books to balance out the popular titles for a bit. I am going to do some digging for Egyptian and African mysticism tomorrow. We get quite a few questions on the Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Kebra Nagast, The Book of Thoth, and other such works.

My library aide could not find a bunch of the Job Information Center holds for other libraries, so I ordered some replacement copies.

I am looking forward to having some new librarians come on board. One of the part-time librarians said she would like to become full time. It will be nice to see some fresh new faces. We need a lot of change where I am working.

One of our new librarians is downstairs filling out paperwork.

I am looking at the procedures manual from 2002 which needs updating. My boss handed it to me an hour ago. There are quite a few sections that need to be completely rewritten. Our law section has changed considerably, we ordered Westlaw Patron Access, phone books ordering has changed, and a number of other things have changed as well.

On the way home, I read something a little bit different. Arrest-Proof Yourself An Ex-Cop Reveals How Easy it is for Anyone to get Arrested, How Even a Single Arrest Could Ruin Your Life, What to do if the Police Get in Your Face by Dale C. Carson and Wes Denham. Dale C. Carson was a Miami police officer and is currently a criminal defense attorney.

Like I believe in not having debt, I also believe in not being arrested for any reason. I believe in being a free man licensed to none, restricted by no organization.

So far this book has given the basics; be respectful, avoid criminals and cops, keep your car clean and up to date, give your name and basic information then shut up, keep your habits at home, retain a lawyer, and keep your appointments in court. It is solid if basic advice that makes sense. I am about halfway through the book. I even took a little bit of advice and updated my car insurance tonight. (I rarely drive my car except to go to the supermarket, shopping mall, laundromat, or park.) I use the subway and trains a lot. If most arrests are made in cars, it follows if you drive less, you are less likely to get arrested.

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