Friday, October 17, 2008

Nolo Law

Nolo Law

Nolo is an excellent publisher of legal self help books. In my opinion they are the best publisher of legal self help. They are often the first place I go to find books for people who need help on basic legal issues like tenants rights, divorce, forming a corporation, or many other every day legal activities. We have a law collection in our public library which is a rarity. asked about a new book which they have on their website, Foreclosure Survival Guide Keep Your House or Walk Away With Money In Your Pocket by Attorney Stephen R. Elias. The quality of their books is excellent. This is a book I will definitely be ordering for our collection. It came out on September 29, 2008 so all the information is up to date.

Nolo has an excellent Bankruptcy and Foreclosure blog which is running a variety of articles on Chapter 7 Bankruptcies and Foreclosures. .

I think this could be a tremendous help for people facing this problem.

Nolo will not replace a lawyer, but they will certainly help you understand the basics of the law much better.

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