Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good Morning, The Media Savvy Leader

c1900 , Louis Rhead, Morning Journal

Good Morning

The Media Savvy Leader by David Henderson

Yesterday, at work, I received a nice new package. Dave Henderson from had sent me a nice, fresh new copy of The Media Savvy Leader of which he is the author. The book is due out on January 8, 2009. He sent me this book because I was on Twitter.

He might like it if you followed him . I am also on Twitter . I read my Twitter every morning. I started reading the book last night on the train home from work. The writing is very direct and understandable.

I also posted a bit about the books on Blogcatalog in two different groups,

Book Readers

Twitterers .

I hope this helps him get a little publicity for his new book.

Today has been another busy day. I spent a little more time looking through the McGraw Hill Professional site at science books. I also compiled a list of patron requests from the reference desk.

I spent another several hours weeding more of the 300s. I also pulled damaged books and suggested books for replacement.

No new magazines came in for me to read today. I got a call to do another business program which would be a combination of computer tutoring and introduction to business. It sounds kind of interesting.


NathanKP said...

That is really interesting looking. I'll check out the links.

NathanKP - Inkweaver Review

70steen said...

love that art work... very a kin to Alphonso Mucha

Book Calendar said...

So far the book is very interesting. It is different than I expected, but interesting. I really like Mucha, I like the Art Deco style as well.