Saturday, October 11, 2008

Green Dream Poem

Amtrak Acela Express

Green Dream Poem

I took some time to rewrite a poem I had written in May called Green. I changed the title and changed some of the wording. All of the technology is real. There are such things as mag-lev trains and electric cars have improved tremendoulsly. Aquaflow Bionomic has made biocrude. Wave turbines are being placed near Roosevelt Island in the Manhatan, New York harbor. Skyscraper farms is just another term for vertical farms. The vision I have is a very real one. It is something which I hope to see one day.

Maybe with the growth of national platforms like The Pickens Plan or The Apollo Alliance we will see a national green reindustrialization of America. Both of the candidates for the presidency, Barack Obama and John McCain are attempting to embrace clean technology. Let us see something done about it.

The Green Dream

Green is the ocean
Green is the sea
Green is the river

I ride on a mag-lev train
From New York to San Francisco

Green are the fields
Green are the trees
Green are the grasses

Fields of switchgrass wave in wind
Biocrude refineries dot the land

Green is the lizard
Green is the frog
Green is the snake

Cities bloom brightly like flowers
Small towns are vibrant with growth

Green was the desert
Green was the dump
Green was the land

Every community has a garden
Every community has a park

Green grows the lime
Green grows the grape
Green grows the apple

From the train I see rivers
Clear, pure, clean, sweet water

Green is my mind
Green is my dream
Green is my spirit

There are no landfills
There are no toxic dumps

Green is a color
Green is a feeling
Green is a thought

Windmills spin slowly
Solar towers shine brightly

I wear green collars
I touch green plants
I smell green earth

Electric trucks and automobiles
Roll by on smooth highways

I ride green transport
I buy green products
I invest in green stocks

Tree farms grow fresh timber
Greenhouses bloom on the land

Green is peaceful
Green is quiet
Green is clean

The train glides by the ocean
Wave farms float quietly by

Green is not plastic
Green is not pollution
Green is not garbage

The skyscraper farms of San Francisco
Rise in the distance, vertical, clean, green

Green is the sprout
Green is the twig
Green is the leaf

The city is quiet, peaceful, and clean
America reindustrialized, clean and green

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