Thursday, October 9, 2008


Little Sammy Sneeze, Winsor McKay, c1904-1906 (Public Domain)


I spent some time on Mahalo getting a better feel for the search engine. I joined and recommended some comics oriented sites like , a guide to web comics and File 49 by Sara Turner
I put together a list of recommended comic sites and ran it up on Maholo. They do have a person check your recommendations. One didn't have proper security. So, the site is quite real.
I am using the name MytGroo. I don't know why, I should have chosen BookCalendar.

Cromely left me a message that Jason Calanis, the founder of Mahalo was on Twitter. So now, I am following his tweets.

Mahalo is clearly not a very academic search engine. If you look through the top fifty searches, the number one choice appears to be video game walkthroughs, then guitar instruction, then baking, followed by Sarah Palin. It is not just Sarah Palin, there are a lot of results for Paris Hilton as well. Still, I am enjoying looking through the chosen results.

The search engine itself is in beta. There are a whole bunch of links underneath the search engine with featured articles and news. This one caught my eye. The zero dollar bill.

I searched for literature and found something interesting. They have a number of complete profiles of individual books. This is the profile for The World Without Us . Many of these profiles are of classics like 1984. . This may be useful for reading assignments.

I can't seem to shake the cold I have, it has turned into something worse. I am resting a lot and drinking tea by the gallon. I saw my doctor last Friday. It still hasn't stopped. I am going to see him again tomorrow.

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