Monday, October 13, 2008

Poetry, Afternoon Thoughts. Books to Film

A Book on a Plinth by a Rose Bush at the Ruins Simon Saint-Jean (1808-1860)

Poetry, Afternoon Thoughts

I finally finished reading Writing Begins With The Breath, Embodying Your Authentic Voice by Laraine Herring. I am not sure that I will ever be truly finished with this book. There are pieces of it that require me to do things which I haven't done yet, like write a novel. This would take me at least a year to finish. As part of the process, I of course wrote a few more poems.

I also revised the poem, The Green Dream because of this book. It still needs work. I think I'll slowly revise the poem into something unique.


Strip yourself to bones
Let your bones turn into dust
You are half way there


There is a clear plastic snowglobe
With a flower in it
A piece of flawless clear crystal
A flower painted on it
A living blooming red flower
In a small purple vase
It is a flower in my thoughts
A blooming red rose


I have lost my faith
Politicians, teachers, preachers, bigots, zealots
No longer hold me tight

I went to see the doctor this afternoon. I am finished with my bout of bronchitis. Now, I have to work on my diet and exercise. I have to lose a considerable amount of weight. I feel like one of those weight loss blogs making this statement. It is a rather bothersome idea, but I have to do it for my heart.

Books To Film

Ridley Scott plans to direct the film, The Forever War, a classic science fiction title by Joe Haldeman. Ridley Scott directed Blade Runner and Alien. This could possibly be the best science fiction film ever made if it is done correctly. I thought Blade Runner the directors cut was fantastic.

Tim Burton is currently directing Alice In Wonderland. It is a mix of live action and cgi animation. I am really looking forward to this. Johnny Depp is going to be the Mad Hatter.
Both of these are films which I definitely plan on seeing in the future.

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