Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Morning

Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson, "The Reigate Squire", Postage Stamp, United Kingdom. I rather liked the image.

Good Morning

I am rather at a loss for words this morning. I am not sure what to say. Sometimes life is like this. I am sure more words will come in time. Luckily, it is one of those lazy mornings where all is quiet. I am drinking a bit of tea. Maybe, I'll read the paper on the way in to work in a few minutes. I'm working late tonight. I can see a quiet, peaceful, uneventful day outside my window beckoning. It will be unlike my other days of late.

There was an interesting article in Library Journal, The September 15, 2008 issue on Green Weeding. There were two companies that offered to have discarded books sent to them. They would sell the books and give a portion of the proceeds back to the library. Apparently, Brooklyn Public Library contracts with to take away their discarded items. There is also another company that does this. It might be something which my library could possibly do.

Today, I spent quite a bit of time ordering computer books. I ordered some linux books focused on desktop pcs not servers today. I also updated some JIC books for the library.

There was only one book that came in for me to read, King of Sword and Sky by C.L. Wilson. I tried reading a bit of it on the train home, but found it not to my liking.

I also read the sections of Toll The Hounds with Karsa Orlong in it. This amounted to maybe five or six chapters out of a 725 page book. It seems some fantasy readers love overlong very florid complex writing. I think the book could have been half the length it was and still told the exact same story. Not everyone likes their writing short and sweet.

It has been a nice pleasant slow day.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes a nice, slow relaxing day is essential to emotional well being.

Book Calendar said...

Yes, they are exactly what people need sometimes.