Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good Afternoon, Going Home

Rosie The Riveter. Maybe we can do something to put this country back to work.

Good Afternoon

This morning I did a training on a new interlibrary loan system for books outside of our library system. I managed to slip in a couple of orders for books that are not in our library system.

A Safe and Sustainable World: the Promise of Ecological Design by John Todd and Nancy Jack Todd and Content: Selected Essays on Technology, Creatitivity, Copyright and the Future of the Future by Cory Doctorow. I really admire both John Todd and Cory Doctorow. They offer a different viewpoint on the future.

The interlibrary loan system is replacing the paper slips with an electronic order form which should speed up the process considerably. It should make at least a week of difference.

I have to go to a Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop on Friday. I did the first part of the workshop, but not the second. I will have to see it goes on this one.

I also put the film, V for Vendetta on hold. There were several books waiting for me to pick up, Every Last Drop by Charlie Huston, Reading the OED by Ammon Shea, and Killing Sacred Cows by Garrett B. Gunderson.

My desk was piled high with various papers, law books, and annual reports. I gave my library aide about twenty annual reports to file, then sorted through my mail, and replaced some old Code of Federal Regulations with new new ones. There were a lot of little details to take care of today, mostly sorting and organizing. I did spend a little bit of time updating the current events display. This financial crisis has shown me the unending supply of financial corruption, crime, and misery that this country is currently going through.

I also spent some time ordering industrial books; machining, lathes, welding, engineering, locksmithing, concrete, and similar titles.

Going Home

On the train home, I finished reading The Darker Mask. The superhero and heroic figures names in many of the stories had a nice ring to them Dr. Sax, Sage Steel, The Henchman, The Alienist, Veritas, and others. A wonderful collection. The book was also nicely illustrated with black and white illustrators. One of the illustrators is the comic book artist for The Tick,

I also started a second book, Reading the OED One Man, One Year, 21, 730 Pages by Ammon Shea. You immediately get a sense of the authors obsession with words and his compulsive collecting of dictionaries. He says it perfectly "I am reading the OED so you don't have to."-- Ammon Shea.

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